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Stallion Service Contract

This certifies , herein referred to as Mare Owner, has engaged one service to for the season at $ for the following mare:

Mare Name
Reg. No.
Year foaled
Color and Markings of Mare

Mare will be sent to farm: Date

(Check One)
In foal (Last breeding date )
Wet (Foal born )

Please list all vaccinations given to mare and / or foal in last 12 months

Is mare insured? Yes No


Please list any special instructions or medical history that may be helpful to us while your mare is in our care

Standridge Circle S Ranch, agent for the above named stallion, may herein be referred to as Breeder.
This service is engaged subject to the following: (10% discount for: Past breeder, or 3 or more mares)

  1. A booking fee of $250.00 of the above fee is payable with this contract, and the balance of $ ________________________________ plus all unpaid expenses will be payable upon receipt of an invoice or when mare leaves the farm, whichever is first. The booking fee is non-refundable. The Breeder requires 48 hours’ advance notice when the Mare Owner wishes to remove his mare(s) from the farm. The mare ( and foal, if applicable) shall be released only upon payment in full of all outstanding invoices, including those from attending veterinarian. The Mare Owner authorizes the Breeder to request certain services for the mare and/or foal at the discretion of the Breeder to be in the best interest of the mare and/or foal all at the expense of the Mare Owner.
  2. Aphotostatic copy of registration papers (both sides), a veterinarian’s health certificate, worming, immunization, and a current Coggins test (within 30 days) shall accompany mare. If these are not presented upon mare’s arrival, the Breeder shall have the attending veterinarian make proper tests and evaluations at the Mare owner’s expense, and mare will not be bred until these test results are in Breeder’s possession. Mare (and foal, if applicable) will be periodicallyvaccinated and wormed as deemed necessary by the attending veterinarian at Mare Owner’s expense.
  3. The Mare Owner agrees that each mare offered for breeding shall be in sound breeding condition and free from infection or disease. Any mare certified by the attending veterinarian not to be, in his opinion, in sound breeding condition shall not be bred. In this case, the Mare Owner may substitute another mare within same breeding season.
  4. The Breeder agrees to diligently try and settle the above named mare and shall have sole discretion of determining the best method of breeding such mare. If, however, the mare does not settle, the Breeder shall be held harmless. There will be no guarantee of a live foal for any mare leaving Standridge Circle S Ranch before being checked safe in foal by the attending veterinarian, which is approximately 35 days after conception.
  5. Live Foal Guarantee: Live foal means the foal shall stand and nurse. It is understood that if the mare proves barren, aborts her foal, or if foal is stillborn, a return season will be guaranteed the following year only, providing proper notification is given. Proper notification shall be defined as follows: Written certification by a licensed veterinarian within seven days that the mare has slipped or produced a non-viable foal. Mare Owner certifies that such abortion or death did not result from any act or omission of the Mare Owner subsequent to the mare’s departure from The Breeder. Booster rinopneumonitis vaccinations must be administered as indicated by the individual drug manufacturer as the mare progresses through her pregnancy. Failure to do this will void Live Foal Guarantee.
  6. The breeding season in force for this contract shall begin February 1st and close July 1st of the year dated on contract.
  7. It is further agreed that should the above named stallion die or become unfit for service, before the mare is settled, then the Mare Owner can have the mare serviced by another stallion owned by the Breeder, that is agreed to by both the Mare Owner and the Breeder. If another stallion cannot be substituted, the this contract shall become null and void with the balance of the stallion service fee if already paid refunded to Mare Owner. All other charges will be due and payable. This contract cannot be otherwise assigned or transferred without consent by both parties.
  8. A breeder’s certificate will be issued to the Mare Owner after all expenses have been paid in full and upon notification of the birth of the foal. Registration of the foal will be the responsibility of the Mare Owner.
  9. Waiver of Liability: It is understood that the breeding farm, it’s owners, employees, and guest shall not be liable for any injury, escape, disability, or death of any horse on its premises. The above named Mare Owner, whose horse(s) is (are) under the care of the Breeder, will not be liable or responsible for any damage, injury or death to the breeding farm stallions, employees, veterinarians, or other animals in the care of the Breeder, whether or not caused by his horse(s).
  10. The signing of this contract entitles the Breeder to charge ten percent annual interest on all past due invoices. Past due billing is defined as those amounts not paid within thirty days of invoicing.
  11. This contract is governed by the laws of the State of Arkansas. All accounts due and payable in Johnson County, Arkansas. All payments must be drawn on U.S. banks in U.S. dollars. No Exceptions. Bank processing fees to be charged back to customers for international banking charges.
  12. The owner of the mare and/or foal hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, the Breeder, their agents and employees from any liability or sits which may be brought against the Breeder, their agents or employees, by reason of activities which the mare and/or foal may engage in and further, from any injuries suffered by or to persons who the owner of the mare and/or foal brings to or upon the premises of the Breeder.
  13. All mares must be halter broke and have rear shoes removed.
  14. If any other services are required or desired by the Mare Owner, they shall be specified in writing to the Breeder by or before mare is delivered to the Breeder for service.
  15. When this contract has been filled out in it’s entirety and both parties have signed and Mare Owner has returned it to the Breeder with the booking fee, it will then be a binding contract on both parties.
  16. Paint Color Guarantee: Rebreed next following season only with $250.00 Chute Fee.
Board (please check choice):
Dry Pasture - $5.50 /da.
Dry Motel - $8.00 /da.
3 or more mares - $200.00/mo.
Foaling Fee - $200.00/Foal
Wet Pasture - $6.50 /da.
Wet Motel - $12.00 /da.
Year round care - $ /da.
Special Board - $ /da.

Blacksmith and veterinary expenses as required.
Standridge Circle S Ranch
P.O. Box 142
Clarksville, AR 72830
Home: 479-754-8299
I-40 Exit #64
Hwy 64 South & I-40
Lamar, Arkansas 72846  
I accept the above agreement

Signature of  Mare Owner or Authorized Agent 

Please Print Above Signature
Street Address
Zip Code
Phone: (day)
Phone: (night)
       Breeding Fee
Less Booking Fee
Balance Due

Breeder, Stallion Owner or Agent
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with your baby from any of our stallions for any reason, then we will refund the breeding fee in exchange for the baby at weaning or four months of age whichever comes last.

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Standridge Circle S Ranch
P.O. Box 142, Clarksville, Arkansas 72830
Located: Lamar, Arkansas on Hwy 64 East & I-40 Exit 64
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Dennis & Kathy Standridge, Owners

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